Totally Distinctive Dog​ Training

Changing behaviour quickly with kindness


Behaviour Training

Are you tearing your hair out, embarrassed by your dog's behaviour, worried about aggression or separation anxiety?  Follow the link below to learn how I can help you solve your problems.

Canine Nutrition

Is your dog smelly, always scratching or licking his fur?  Changing to a species specific nutritionally balanced diet is a good place to sort out these issues.  Follow the link below to learn how I can devise a suitable menu for your pet.

Pet Bereavement

Dogs are only with us for a short time and losing our best friend can be a very lonely time.  Finding someone to talk to and support you though the difficult times can make life a little  more bearable.


Can help with all your dog problems using a kind and effective dog friendly method.  No gimics just a calm, happy dog and a happier home.

What our customers are saying

Thanks to TDDT my boisterous puppy is now a calm happy dog,