Totally Distinctive Dog​ Training

Committed to helping animals


How I got here.....

 A quick photo montage of some of the animals that I have been lucky to know.  Zeb the Dutch rabbit. The handsome guy is Sam, with the cup we won for obedience work, I learned so much about normal dog behaviour  from him. The black hairy ​monster is Frizbee, he loved agility and could clear a six foot fence.  Pepper with her glorious ginger eyebrows needed a lot of rehabilitation as she was a victim of social depravation syndrome. The orange peril is Tobus he really helped Pepper learn to behave  like a dog before she died of cancer.  Our first German Shepherd Dog was Alba, she came to us at a year old, very stressed and skinny. Doll is my Fell  Pony, we have shared each others lives for over 21 years, she was great friends with Frizbee and won't have anything to do with any of the other dogs!  Our latest arrivals are the residents of Chickenopolis; Hetty, Princess Laya, Delores Chicken and Mrs Marlow. And finally our permanent visitor, Jake a Welsh cross pony who lives in happy retirement with Doll.

Rescue Dogs

Previously all our dogs have been rescued or rehomed with varying problems an​d foibles. We have worked through their issues allowing them to lead full and happy canine lives.  I decided that I would like to raise a puppy myself using my knowledge to avoid any behavioural difficulties.  Last year Ruari came into our home, he has grown into a huge cuddle monster, very friendly and happy.

Not your average trainer

After being a member of several Dog Obedience and Agility Training clubs, and competing in agility competitions I have turned my back on this type of training.  I don't want a robot dog or a fur baby! I want my friend to live a full life, able to have his own opinions just like any family member, equal but different. My aim in training a dog and his family is to create a polite, happy dog. If that is what you want too, I can teach you the techniques you will need, and guide you to achieve that goal.

Just imagine no hassles just a dog that it is a delight to have in your home.

If you want your dog to do tricks I'm not the trainer for you.

Alba (4) sitting, Tobus (15) still joining in and Ruari (10 weeks) chosing to wander off

Alba tucking into her species-specific food

Food for thought

Over the years I have fed my dogs a variety of foods from tinned food, green tripe (very smelly but  my dogs loved it) to premium dried food designed for weight loss and now they all eat a raw species-specific diet. 

Despite being on a weight loss diet Tobus kept gaining weight, was always hungry and also very smelly. At the same time when we rehomed Alba, she was not interested in her food at all, was very stressed and thin.

After researching and finding out more about processed dog food I changed them to a raw diet which has worked wonders.  I was so impressed with  the effect changing their diet had on every aspect of  health and well being that I wanted to find out more.

The study bug...

During lockdown I had plenty of time, once I'd fed and mucked out ponies, chickens, dogs and my family! So I decided to gain some qualifications by studying online.  Diplomas in Canine First Aid, Canine Nutrition, Canine Communication, Understanding Canine Anxiety, Canine Behaviour Training followed.  I loved studying and gained distinction in all disciplines. In addition I joined several webinars given by expereinced trainers and teachers.

At the moment I am studying Pet Bereavement and learning about silent pain in animals.