Totally Distinctive Dog​ Training

Changing behaviour quickly with kindness

Behaviour Training

Why do so ma​ny dogs have issues?

 Life for dogs in the human world can be very confusing! Many of our dogs are living with anxiety, their bodies constantly flooded with adrenalin. This is necessary to survive dangerous situations, it does this is by switching off other hormones that control digestion and reproduction.  An anxious dog's body and mind will be constantly under the influence of adrenalin, he will have difficulty digesting his meals and may even develop serious gastric problems. He will probably suffer from separation anxiety and/or exhibit reactive (aggressive) behaviour like barking, lunging at other dogs.

Stress is bad news for dogs and their families.

This puppy is leaning away from the camera, bracing his front paws with an anxious expression.

Two totally relaxed dogs

My Training Philosophy

Training should make the dog's life better, reduce his anxiety and allow him to experience doggy pleasures like sniffing in the park and enjoying stress free walks.

It should never add more stress, be unkind or use punishing tools like E-collars or prong collars.

I developed my method over 35 years while rehabilitating rescue dogs, and more recently successfully raising our puppy to be a balanced happy, friendly and respectful teenager.

I have recently passed several Diploma courses with distinction adding current theoretical knowledge to my practical experience.

When your dog is relaxed and happy he will bring you  joy most of the time, the rest of the time he will bring mud into the house and shed hair on the carpet, after all he is a DOG

My Training Method

  • Helps dogs to pred​ict their world, reducing anxiety and allowing their behaviour to change.
  • It gives you the tools to help your dog.
  • It does not need weeks and weeks of classes.
  • Is kind, doggy friendly and gets results
  • It happens in your home without stress or drama.
  • Consultations last about two hours, time to talk about your problems and for me to explain how you can change your dog's behaviour quickly and kindly.

    We will go through the method together and create a plan for any follow up.

    This is not magic, but if you follow the method consistently you will be amazed at the results.

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