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Canine Nutrition

We all know how important a good diet is to stay fit and healthy and this is true for our dogs too.  Current independent research suggests that animals should eat a species-specific diet, for dogs this would be a varied omnivorous diet of eat and vegetables.  Many commercial dog foods are highly processed, can be described as 'chicken' with only 4% chicken meat present, any natural nutrients are destroyed by heat treating and they contain wheat and other grains to bulk out the food.

Many dogs are intolerant of wheat causing itching and skin conditions and some behaviour problems, add anxiety to the situation and your dog will not be getting good nutrition from his food.

I became interested in canine nutrition when despite feeding my senior dog, Tobus (a Staffie Collie Cross) a commercial weight loss diet under the supervision of our Vet for over a year.  He was always hungry, would steal food at any opportunity, was very smelly and worst of all he gained more weight! After some research I changed him to a raw diet, the change was amazing he lost weight, stopped being smelly, stopped scratching and best of all he is not hungry all the time.  He's sixteen years old now is able to maintain a healthy weight. He's still enjoying life, sniffing, pottering around and being a good role model for the puppy.

My choice was to feed raw food, but there are many other options available, I can help you make an informed choice about the best options for you and your dog.

Nutrition Consultations

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Review of current diet

Your consultation will start with a review of the current diet and any physical and behavioural problems present.

I will write a report highlighting any proven connections between the ingredients in the food and the dogs symptoms.  It will also highlight any nutritional deficiencies in the diet.


After you have received your report I will discuss the results with you and suggest the different options available, commercially available and home made. Together we can find a diet that will suit your dog, and your pocket.

Bespoke Recipe Plans

Creating Besp​oke menus

As part of my Diploma in Canine Nutrition I was required to research and produce a balanced menu for a dog.  While doing this I designed a database that enables me to create bespoke menus that will give any dog a balanced diet over a week of meals.  Why follow generic online recipes when you could use a recipe that is personalized for your dog's age, weight, and activity levels.

Your pet's personal diet

If you chose this option I will create your dog's very own recipe plan for a week of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals for you to prepare with love at home.  Ingredient swaps will let you make the most of in-season fruit and vegetables while dual quantities will allow you to make meals in advance and freeze them in meal-sized reusable containers or to make fresh meals daily.  It's up to you.

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